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My name is Irene Cotter, I'm the owner of Fur-Fetched. The mission of my business is to provide both dependable pet sitting and daily dog walks to my neighbors in North Raleigh, NC. I am interested in dog sports and fitness, and I believe that dogs need a regular schedule of mental and physical exercise to keep them happy and healthy. Daily walks will benefit dogs whose owners can't fit a walk into an already busy day, sport competition dogs that need to maintain fitness, elderly dogs or puppies that needs to go out frequently, or any dog that needs a nice, long walk!

I have lived in Raleigh, NC since 2002. Our family has 3 dogs: Kazul, Lily, and Reba.  Kazul is a high-drive Lab mix that plays flyball on the DogGoneFast club, and loves taking K9 Solutions Search and Rescue classes. He's getting older now and has bad disks in his back, so as of 2010 he's taking it easy and spending more time on the couch than in the flyball lanes. Lily is a sweet Border Collie mix that also plays flyball (but she'd rather visit the line judge on the way to the box). She is a registered therapy dog-- we've been visiting the Fox Road Elementary School library to participate in the See Spot Read program, that's great fun!  Reba joined our family in November 2008, she's a Dachshund with some terrier thrown in for good measure. Still shy and easily frightened but she managed to earn her first flyball title in Athens GA on July 10, 2010!
We have also raised two puppies for The Seeing Eye, Inc. in New Jersey and one for Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc. in Florida.
Fur-Fetched is an owner-operated business, that is to say that I am the one doing all of the visits.  If I am not available on a certain date that you require, I can either arrange a substitute or direct you to other qualified pet sitters in the area.
I'm now taking photographs at flyball tournaments and have a kiosk system for making prints on the spot.  If anyone has read this far and is interested in event photography for dog sports, or pet photography for your beloved dog or cat, I'd love to speak with you!

dog walks help keep Kazul in shape for flyball
Kazul and Irene get ready to play flyball with our team, DogGoneFast

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