I've been shooting flyball since about 2010, I love the challenge of getting good shots of dogs running as fast as they can in dark venues! Actually I'm kidding about liking the dark venues part, my favorite venue of all is the Indianapolis Fairgrounds where CanAm (NAFA's Championships) are held. Great windows.

Agility is also super fun to photograph, especially since I only do outdoor events. Most of the agility events that I have done are in Blacksburg, and Salem, Virginia, so the surroundings are beautiful too!

Dogs are so photogenic, and all the more so when they are playing their favorite games!

And speaking of photogenic, I've been fortunate for the last five or six years to be able to take some of the website pictures for Saving Grace NCs dogs. My husband is amazed that I haven't toted dozens of dogs home with me. Thank you Molly Goldston for the opportunity to photograph Saving Graces's wonderful dogs!

Photo credit to Olivier Morin, 1-TDC.com. Thanks Olivier!

Fur-Fetched Photography is moving!

I am in the process of moving my galleries from Zenfolio to Pixieset!

The URL www.furfetched.com will now take you to the new Pixieset site - you're here!.

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